Facilities Engineer

Facilities Engineer

Responsible for planning and coordinating facility repairs, inspections, & improvement functions in the plant. This includes support equipment, building structure, infrastructure, and grounds.

Essential Duties (Other duties may be assigned as necessary)
Works with maintenance foremen and manufacturing supervision to prioritize daily reactive maintenance to minimize impact on production and production schedules.
Maintains preventive maintenance schedules as needed
Manages capital expense projects relating to facility operations.
Coordinates facility contracts and repair work with outside services.
Tracks gas and electric usage. Completes utility forecasts for business planning.
Coordinates energy efficiency programs and rebates with projects.
Creates layouts, drawings, and reports as needed.
Responds to suggestions and concerns regarding facility and support equipment issues.
Completes company forms and other paperwork as required.
Support the Plant quality systems goals / improvements & productivity goals / improvements within the scope of the job.
Support the Plant safety programs / goals within the scope of the job.

Applicant must have an engineering technology or related degree. 3+ years of applied experience is preferred.

Must have:
experience with project management; ability to use and understand management tools such as risk assessments & GANTT charts; experience with the use of AutoCAD, MS Excel, Word, Project, or equivalent software; experience providing vision and initiative for continuous improvement projects; experience with the use of facility automation tools.

Skilled with creating standards and procedures. Good time management skills. Must be comfortable running meetings. Understands the importance of deadlines. Ability to read and interpret blueprints. Good verbal and written communication skills. Must be assertive/persistent with vendors/contractors as needed. Knowledge of support equipment operations, lighting systems, & high voltage systems. Must be organized and keep good historical records. Must be able to work with minimal supervision.

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