Rehabilitation Clinical Leader (COTA) - Macomb, IL

Summary:The Rehab Clinical Leader is responsible for providing a full range of therapy services including assessment and treatment planning (Therapists Only), and therapeutic interventions in an interdisciplinary environment consistent with the position's qualifications, professional practices and ethical standards. This position will also demonstrate accountability for and contribution to program development, quality improvement, problem solving and patient care enhancements in a flexible interdisciplinary fashion.
Essential Functions:
  • Supports clinical program team supervision and development.
  • Provides daily leadership to team and responds to any MPD.
  • Requests development of team members through structured activities.
  • Contributes to positive client relations.
  • Participates in care coordination, daily standup meetings and activities and communicates information to rehab staff.
  • Provide client required therapy information for client to complete MDS assessments and billing.
  • Reviews SMART alerts daily and communicates with staff any needed corrections .
  • Supervises and supports overall ADR/Appeals process and assists ADR coordinator as necessary.
  • Coordinate treatment activity between disciplines and team members.
  • Completes screening on patients/ residents/clients as clinically necessary (therapist only).
  • Conducts initial assessments (therapist only).
  • Contributes to interdisciplinary care plans, as needed.
  • Provides age appropriate therapeutic interventions.
  • Follows appropriate documentation policies for care provided.
  • Provides patient and family education on tasks and resources that will assist with continued functional independence.
  • Carry out other duties as assigned.
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